Mission, Vision, Values


We want to support our business partners in their day-to-day activities by offering them excellent product quality and security of co-operation while remaining attractive.

In the face of constant changes in the area of business in the domestic and international market, we want to provide our customers with new inspirations, unique solutions and knowledge that will be their superior.


By 2030, we will strengthen our leadership position as a producer of building and energy materials in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Become a recognized and respected brand among international strategic markets.


Customer oriented

The ability to analyze customer needs is the base of our company's success. In DELKAR, we believe that good communication and loyalty to our customers is the foundation of succesful business. Our specialists are always ready to give you as much time as you need. We try to prepaire the best solutions for you based on our knowledge and experience.


Continuous improvement of processes and competences

All elements that make up the organization should be improved. Both procedural actions, non-standard actions, process design, and employee qualifications must be monitored and improved to seek more effective action. In DELKAR improvement and quality policy applies to every employee. Quality work never stops.


Honesty and professionalism

At Delkar we want our customers to feel safe and calm about the correctness and completeness of the orders we make for them. We strive to be honest and transparent at every stage of our work.



We have many years of experience in cooperation with our suppliers, partners and customers from various industries. We value loyalty and care about the confidentiality of the documents and information provided. We are open to your comments with genuine interest and we approach your suggestions.



Our experience confirms the rule that achieving a lasting competitive advantage is a result of our commitment, imagination and unique projects that we strive to pacify cyclically. This unobtrusive look at the same thing makes our customers choose DELKAR.